About Us

Jack and Lewis tell the story of MarbleCo

''We've always had a dream to create something and to see it develop. In our idea notebook, we have several ideas for business we would love to create one day. But one of them stood out from the rest - our idea behind MarbleCo

MarbleCo was founded in the later months of 2017 to fulfill a gap in the market.

We saw that various stores offer marble products, but from personal experience felt that there was a very limited range and the products we did like were over priced

Today, MarbleCo offers customers a wide range of marble designed products from homeware such as vases to everyday accessories such as mobile phone cases.

The business model has been designed to offer low prices compared to competitors whilst having the highest quality marble inspired products available. We do this by working closely with oversea warehouses, and this can mean waiting a little longer for your products to arrive. You can rest easy knowing that the business headquarters is located in London, UK with our customer team always on hand to help satisfy your needs!''

 ''We both live by the rule of thinking Life's too short - just go for it!''

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